PSEM was created to link underserved multi-ethnics communities to resources and low cost to no cost health services.

PSEM, (which stands for “Por la Salud, y Educacion del Migrante” and a non-profit 501c3 organization) is the fiscal agent for the Consulate of Mexico in Santa Ana and collaborates with various non-profit organization, agencies, and politicians to implement community events such as Binational Health Week and the Ventanilla de Salud, and community events for the Consulate of Mexico in Santa Ana since 2008. Based on the U.S. Census 2009, more than 3 million Latinos live in Orange County. 87% of the Majority of Latinos answer they were from Mexican origin followed by El Salvador 2% and 1% of Guatemala who are the next top two countries of Latinos in Orange County California. This is why PSEM works closely with the Consulate of Mexico in Santa Ana based on the U.S. Census’ findings.